Unbound from the Corporate Restrictions

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The days of worrying and counting gas like some kind of mad man are over now, because my entire plan revolves around only having to pay one set price for each month that I have the service. The temperature doesn’t matter, nor does the amount of gas that I’ve used to cook food. As long as I pay the bill each month, I can simply use as much gas as I want and face no problems. Continue reading →

Mind Development for Mompreneurs

“If you want to change your life, you need to change your brain.”

~John Arden~

In the 21st century, women entrepreneurs who are working moms are much challenged with the modern trends not only in motherhood, marriage, career but more so in mind health. Eating healthy nutritious foods and exercise are not enough to maintain excellent mind health that keep mompreneurs competitive in the contemporary market and able to manage their family and personal life at optimum level. Mind development is needed to keep mompreneurs in tune with the current challenges of the business world.

Mind development means changing how a person thinks and feels in order to keep up with the current needs and to become a better person able to focus more, face challenges with gracefulness, reach goals with honor and dignity and be happy and contented at the end of the day. For mompreneurs to do this, they have to learn how to be calm and optimistic despite the challenges of being a mom, a wife, and a business woman.

According to Dr. John Arden, an expert in the field of brain-based therapy and a director of training in mental health for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, “You cannot change how you think and feel without changing your brain.” He believes that how we train our self to think, feel, and behave on a regular basis will rewire the brain and allow us to be calm and focused. When we are calm and focused, we feel less tense, less anxious, and less easily stressed. If we want these in our life today, we must learn how to make our brain work in such way that it functions the way we want it. There are certain parts in the brain that sometimes overreact and add to unnecessary tension, anxiety, and stress. We must learn how to tame these brain parts and in order for us to effectively do that, we should first learn how our brain actually works.

Recent research studies have overwhelming research findings that tell us synapses in the brain are not hardwired with predetermined limited abilities and functions but in fact are changing all the time as they respond to environmental stimuli. This only means that you can improve your life through mind development and the concept of neuroplasticity being practiced into your daily routine. Through mind development and neuroplasticity that makes memory possible, you can be a better mompreneur able to adapt to the current trends of this new era in information and technology. As Dr. John Arden puts it, Neuroplasticity illustrates the phrase “use it or lose it.”

When you keep on using your mind through certain skills you practice in your career as mompreneur or even in your daily life as you train your mind to think positive thoughts and be as calm as possible, then you strengthen these skills. When you keep them dormant, you weaken the power of your mind just like when you don’t use your muscles and bones, they become weak and brittle respectively. The more you develop your mind for excellent mind health as mompreneur, the more you do it over and over again. Repetition of actions lead to habits and your habits shape your character.

With continued neuroplasticity and mind development, the neurons in your brain fire together at a faster speed that leads to increased efficiency as more precision in the number of neurons are required to perform certain skills. Your behavior can change the structure of your brain through neuroplasticity and using this will lead you to outstanding mind health through mind development. Be the changed mompreneur you want to see in this century

Supreme Mind Development Using Brainwave Technology

Most of the people think that mental development is related to a person’s age, if the person grows older than he may develop more mental strength than what about oldies who act like children. This is not like this; there are many mind development techniques, which help in advancing of the mental abilities. People take medicines and other substitute to enhance their mental development ability. A person with strong mind is very intelligent and mentally sound; he applies calculative thinking in his decisions unlike common people do. There are many reasons for mental development for instance betters intelligence, powerful thinking, positive responses etc.

There are brainwave technologytechniques and methods, which increase the mental status of a person. Smoking and drug addiction habits reduce the mental strength and sometimes even degrade to unstable mental status. Natural exercises are very helpful in this condition and are totally free from ill side effects. People who use improper medications can land in severe problems, as these can be dangerous if continued for a longer period. These medicines can have worse side effects resulting coma type conditions, they also affect nervous system badly. Natural way has been considered as the best method to generate maximum development of the mind. The mental development is the most important features of life that has to be considered and our brain controls majority of activities.

Try and imagine healthy & balanced life and physical activities while you wake up very early in morning and on vacant time, and exercising mental faculties. Add to this recent convenience as well as availability of these products, which are made accessible over internet, and you can find that the brainwave entrainment is not just limited to the hospitals and the medical facilities, however common costumer might as well benefit from widespread accessibility of the brainwave entrainment products. The brainwave technology in sense is way to train brain to operate body to the fullest potential. Here are a few easy mental gymnastics for improving mind or else mental development.

Reading. Reading is easiest & educational method for the healthy mind development and read topics that interest you.
Crossword puzzles. The crossword puzzles make brainwork, thus good mental exercise.
Number games such as Sudoku. By looking & solving number games, and you can exercise brain better.
Learning all new things. Learning new things, brain stimulates much better as you are visualizing & learning something totally new.
Being happy. To be happy is most important feature of the mind development.

Now as you know simple mental exercises for improving and developing the mental faculties & simple step to mind development, try and have routine one time and it is obviously, good to do this in vacant time. Make that, as far as the practicable, habit. Also, there are 2 basic kinds of brain wave therapy & they are the Inpatient & Outpatient. Inpatient therapy is generally conducted at the hospital or else clinic and patient is given the stimulus of a few types to measure brain waves.

The Mind Development and the Problems Involved

Mind development is one of the things that most people has been busy about in the past decades. Many want to dictate their mind to act according on what the person want it to be. People are not returning to the traditional intellectual imperialism, instead people want to empower its mind and take advantage on it.

There are a lot of researches in increasing the power of the mind. Some people search for ways to optimise the brain as best it can be. However, optimise is the right word for this since the brain is has the capability to act much better now that it was in the past.

What makes the development of the mind a trouble is that people do not know how to begin and how actually to go about it to make the brain power packed development resolution that it must be. Today we have advanced technologies such as brainwave entrainment that make use of the power of brainwaves in the neurons of the brain to achieve magnification effect on the user. To clearly explain this is the use of water as an example. In order to purify something you will use water. It is a common cleaner that cleanses anything. However, if you need to clean and disinfect water you would need to use heat until it reaches its boiling point to destroy all the bacteria.

Therefore in mind development you will need something to destroy the unwanted ideas or negative views to be able the good ones to empower it. This is where the ability of the person to control its mind comes in. There are many people who do some exercise to stimulate the brain and control it to think and function the way a person wants it to be. But still it is not enough to control your subconscious and conscious mind.

In cooling down something you will use running water to help it cooled down. Just imagine if your brain is like a pool of water which is at constant lukewarm condition and you need to control its temperature. Water can be cooled down or can be heat up anytime you need to change its temperature. But how about the brain, how can you adjust the way your brain functions. Therefore, problem will occur if we need to control the brain. Exercises in controlling your mind are available and the only thing you required to do is to practice it regularly in order to achieve your goals.

You need to have the total control over your conscious and subconscious mind. So far the most effective method to do this is to make use of the technology such as the brain wave entrainment. It will be the respond to reprogramming and mind development in the 21st century. Then, if you need to look further, the internet is the best place to go. It has a lot of warehouse of brainwave entrainment items for you to select from. With the help of this brainwave entrainment you have the ability to develop your mind.

Mind Development – Mental Exercises

We know for a fact that a 30 to 45 minute physical exercise is good for the heart and our body. But after these physical exercises, it best that we should exercise our brains too to keep our memory sharp and to have a healthy mental or mind development.

Mental development is one of the most important aspects of our life which needs to be considered. Our brain controls most of our activities.

Try to imagine a healthy and balanced life. Physical activities when you wake up early in the morning and upon your vacant time, exercising your mental faculties.

Here are some simple mental gymnastics to improve our mind or mental development.

* Reading. Reading is the easiest and most educational way for a healthy mind development. Read topics which interest you.
* Crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles makes our brain work, hence a good mental exercise.
* Number games like Sudoku. By looking and solving these number games, you will exercise your brain better.
* Learning new things. By learning new things, your brain stimulates better because you are visualizing and learning something new.
* Being happy. Being happy is the most important aspect of mind development.

Now that you know these simple mental exercises to improve and develop your mental faculties and at the same time a simple step towards mind development, try to have this routine once in while. It is of course best to do this in your vacant time.

What is Mind Development?

Many people think that one’s mental capacity is affected by age, racial and genetic factors. However, there are many cognitive development techniques you can do to make your mind more efficient and alert. By opening up the left and right brain communication pathways, the person is able to regain positive mental energy. It is all just a matter of doing some regular mental exercise. The purpose of mind development is basically to achieve the three following objectives:

1. to improve speed and accuracy of one’s mind and rational thoughts;
2. to raise contemplative awareness so one can be in touch with one’s own mind through simultaneous multiple perspectives; and
3. to remind alert at all times so one’s habits and automatic reactions may not take over.

People with higher IQ and brain power are generally better off from mental diseases. They are better able to cope from brain injuries and diseases such as head injuries, neurotoxins, psychosis, neurosis and dementia since they have higher cognitive reserve. Generally, higher IQ means better mental health.

It is true that one’s brain power will wane as you age. It is a natural part of being human. Our mental ability will peak at the age of 22, and start to dwindle by the age of 27, indicating the beginning of the natural aging process. Alertness, reasoning and puzzle solving abilities are among the first one to dwindle at age 27. Memory will start to decrease at the average age of 37. One’s accumulated knowledge (your vocabulary, general information and trivia) will remain intact until about the average age of 60. Knowing these figures, one should start mind development techniques at an earlier age, ideally right now to avoid decline.

Here are some integral mind development exercises to help fight off forgetfulness and mental decline.

1. Keep your brain mentally active! Challenge your brain by keeping yourself busy with hobbies and activities: read a book, do crossword puzzles, try blogging or maybe learn a new language. Do not keep your brain dormant, ever!
2. Get physical! Mind and body are one, so physical exercise is the most effective solution from prevention against physical and mental conditions. It keeps your body fit and able, too!
3. Maintain a healthy diet. Indulge in foods that help improve brain power such as wholegrain wheat, fish, blueberries and protein foods.
4. Get enough sleep! Get the average eight hours of sleep a day, as much as possible. Not getting enough sleep can result in premature aging and other serious consequences.

5. Don’t drink, nor smoke. These activities are not only harmful to your physical health but it can damage brain cells too.
6. Interact with your friends, family and peers. Social interaction is healthy for one’s own good, and is proven to fend off mental decline. Keep in touch with family, friends and loved ones, or adopt a pet!
7. Learn to manage stress. Stress is one of the mind’s worst enemy. Fight mental decline by learning great coping techniques to reduce stress and mental relaxation exercises. You can also listen to soothing music, get fresh air, do breathing exercises or take a vacation to fight of mental stress in order to encourage mind development.